09/27/2023 - #HEARTBROCKEN.

i have devastating news. you know how my about me page used to say one of my life goals was modding my 2dsxl after it got repaired? (i changed it now but it used to say that) well. i went to the place i sent it in to and apparently, they couldnt find the part they needed to fix it anywhere, so now i have to get a new one :( literally so sad rip my 2ds 201?-2023 you were a good friend. crying rn nobody hmu. also, i had to send in one of my switch joy-cons because the right joystick doesnt click down anymore??? and then another pair in because they have bad drift. i also have another pair that i was going to use for the time being but those also have awful drift so i guess im not using my switch for a while. i hope they get fixed by the time the next splatfest happens :(

unrelated, but ive been thinking about twewy a lot again recently. im probably gonna make a shrine for it as well as a joshneku shrine because this game is literally a parasite in my brain. i finished up getting all the secret reports in the main game so now i just have to do another day and a new day's reports. and then do that for neo! when i get a new 2dsxl (or if i find my dsi) i want to play the og twewy so bad, preferably a physical copy but idm if i have to pirate it. ive pirated so many games atp its like my destiny lol XD the way the combat works in the og version looks so interesting, i feel like it would cramp my hands tho... but i mean i play rhythm games all the time so it probably wont be that bad! anywho, random rambling over, hope everyone reading this has a good day/night!

song of the day - ハイブリッド by Takeharu Ishimoto