12/26/2023 - It's Christmas, Keito.

so what, eichi. well, technically its not christmas anymore but i was busy all day so close enough! i hope everyone reading this had a good christmas if you celebrate! if not, then i hope you had/have a good time with whatever other holiday you celebrate! i cant believe the year is almost over... it always feels so weird to me >_< but another year means more good things happening! it would suck if the year just repeated for eternity.

back to christmas! usually i feel guilty talking about my christmas presents cuz i usually get lots of stuff and i feel like im bragging, but this is my blog and ill do whatever the hell i want! because i got a lot of awesome stuff im super happy about!

this year, i got:

i got a few other things like clothes and plushies but these are the things im happiest about! i had a good christmas and as i already said, i hope everyone reading this did too! now go listen to the best christmas song ever made (i love shazna)

song of the day - White Silent Night by SHAZNA