09/19/2023 - Random Stuff

random life update time! school has been pretty boring so far but i am enjoying my computer programming and clothing classes! im excited for when we get to using the sewing machines, i already have some projects in mind! my biggest idea is making a megurine luka cosplay, and i also want to make more vocaloid things, like a tako luka and larval rin plushie, as well as a shiteyanyo neck pillow. our final project for the class is to make a pair of pajama pants, and i was planning on making them miku themed (can you tell i like vocaloid..?) but yeah thats basically what i want to do!

on the topic of miku... im (maybe) gonna go to miku expo this year! i havent been to a miku concert before, and i also havent been to a concert in general since i was in kindergarten so im really excited! i really hope i can go, it seems like so much fun :3

unrelated, but i also managed to get my hands on a physical copy of radiant tale! it looks super interesting and i love the character designs so i hope i enjoy it :) it also comes with these super cute cards of the characters! ill put the pictures in later since i dont have any pictures rn but theyre so nice!

thats all for this random update, hope everybody reading this has a good day/night!

UPDATE: heres the pictures of the radiant tale cards! also the back of the cards and the alternate cover art! super cool! (click the pictures for close ups)

song of the day - ダブルラリアット by Agoaniki