VOCALOID is a vocal synthesizer software developed by Yamaha Corporation. The first build was released on January 15, 2004, with the english vocals LEON and LOLA. The software didn't gain much traction until the release of VOCALOID 2 (June 29, 2007) and the subsequent release of the japanese vocal Hatsune Miku on August 31 of the same year. Since then, Yamaha has released 4 more versions of the VOCALOID software and Hatsune Miku has exploded into a pop culture icon. Click here to view an extensive timeline of VOCALOID's history.

oh my gourd vocaloid...... possibly one of the best things to ever be invented and im 100% serious. its an amazing creative medium and it allows for so many possibilities that cant be achieved with human singers! it lets you make songs even if you cant sing and it gives you characters you can use alongside the songs!!! its awesome! also, the fandom (for the most part) is super awesome and a lot of the fandom jokes are really funny. i love vocaloid so much! vocaloid songs make up at least 70% of my music taste because theres just so many good songs and producers out there!! its kinda beautiful in a way likeee omg